Looking to increase the

effectiveness of your feed additive ingredients?

efficiency of your production processes?

We provide innovative feed additive dosing systems that improve performance and profitability and ensure the success of our partners by providing unparalleled service and support.

Feed Additive Suppliers

Feed ingredient manufacturers are constantly striving to develop innovative new products to make poultry and livestock production more efficient and to keep our food supply safe. Many of these products require specialized application methods. We act as a partner to manufacturers to develop innovative solutions and provide the service and support their customers need to ensure long-term success.

Poultry & Pork Producers

Poultry and livestock producers need to maximize production efficiencies to be successful. Optimizing the nutritional value of feedstuffs and maintaining animal health are musts. Feed additives such as enzymes, probiotics, and organic acids are key to achieving these goals but often feed mills do not have the application technology to utilize them. We consult with our customers to develop a customized solution and provide the service and support required to ensure their success.

Experienced Partnership

Experience and versatility are paramount in finding the right partner to assist you with your feed additive application project.

With over 20 years of experience with feed additive application, we have installations in over 300 feed mills in more than 20 countries around the world. We have been recognized as the feed industry’s leader in accurately measuring and applying liquid and dry products. We are proud to have partnered with many leading ingredient suppliers in all segments of the industry.


20+ years of experience with feed additive application

300+ Feedmill installations

20+ Countries

500+ pellet line start ups for post-pellet liquid enzyme systems

Complete Applications Solutions

Complete Application Solutions:

Micro provides a complete solution including equipment, software, documentation, training, and support ensuring maximized efficiencies and minimized downtime.

Project Management

Our results-focused project management style delivers on time and budget while keeping you fully informed on progress.

Service and Support

We know that preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment makes it less vulnerable to unscheduled interruptions. It increases the reliability and ensures that the downtime of your production line is minimized. That is why we are committed to providing unparalleled service and support through our extensive U.S. teams and by also offering remote access technical assistance in order to protect your investment even further.

In addition to our extensive U.S. service and support team we have expanded our international partner network to ensure the success of our systems.

Integrator Wheel

Post-Pelleting Liquid Application

Complete solution for post-pelleting liquid application of enzymes, fats, oils and other heat sensitive ingredients. We offer customized solutions to apply liquids at the mixer or other application points, and have testing facilities for assisting manufacturers with application requirements on new to market product testing.


Liquimatic SE

1 pellet line with up to 4 liquid products per line

Liquimatic Pro

3 pellet lines with up to 5 liquid products per line

Liquimatic Elite

3+ pellet lines and up to 7 liquid products per line

WeighFlex DF

Dry Flow Control & Measurement Device

Specification and Supply of

required liquid dosing equipment

PC operation specifically designed for post-pelleting application

via Micro Technologies software.

PLC cabinet design/build with required I/O & professional

electrical drawings.

Customized Options

per feed mill requirements
Pro Control Plus® Software Screen

Enhanced Reporting - View > Print > Export

Remote Support Login Capability

Detailed alarm, settings, calibration, and formula entry screens


The WeighFlex DF is an In-Line dry material feeding and measurement device. The innovative design measures the force, due to material flow, against a curved deflection chute. The WeighFlex DF can be used for many types of products including animal feed, oilseeds, pulses, & cereal grains.

Weigh Flex Machine


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Enzyme Batching Unit Machine

The Enzyme Batching Unit

Reconstitute highly concentrated powdered enzymes into liquid for either mixer or post-pelleting application.

Enzyme Batching Unit Machine


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Pro Control Plus® Software Screen

Pro-Control Plus® Software